It might be a difficult time to make desicions right now, but looking at your office space could be a brilliant business move right now. We've done some research about the state of the office rental market and pulled together some articles to help you decide how you might want to plan your office space as you start to bring your teams back to work.

True or false - do businesses need more space or less?

The CEO of WeWork said that we actually need MORE office space not less, in order to manage the relevant social distancing measures.  WeWork provides hot desking for businesses throughout the world and althought that's not something Bucks Biz offers, we do offer flexibility within our spaces:

  • Your unit is accessible for you 24/7 based on what you and your clients need
  • This level of flexibility means means you can bring your staff back to the office in shifts (this might help you to adhere to social distancing guidelines and support working parents who are struggling to manage their childcare demands).
  • Fully managed reception area for deliveries and parcels.
  • Option to hire meeting spaces spaces which are carefully managed by the Bucks Biz reception team.
  • Lots of entry and access points so that large numbers don't congregate in a single area, such as lifts

Flexible space as your business evolves

Bucks Biz has always been very flexible about businesses making the changes they need to their units so that they can configure their layouts according to what their business needs. We’ve got industrial units, workshop units, office spaces and hair and beauty salons – you name it, we’ve got a Bucks Biz resident who has adapted their space to meet their business needs. In fact, this flexibility is needed more now than ever, so a serviced office in Milton Keynes could be just what your business needs to be able to get back up and running again.

What does the future of work look like?

How will people come back to work in the short term? It's looking likely that it will be a hub and spoke team? This is where wider teams come together digitally, but each discipline within your business could come in once a week, for example?

Longer term, the increase in the gig economy (working freelance or on a project-basis) is the preferred work model for Millennials and Gen Z, so flexible work space is likely to be an ongoing trend for some time!  Plus, who knows what the future holds - according to this article, 85% of jobs that we will be doing in 2030 don’t exist yet which is slightly terrifying. 

In other terrifying news, this article about a tech company in the US talks about using – avatars of your colleagues so that you can communicate with each other ALMOST as if you were in the same physical space, as a way to drive connection and to provent isolation.

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