The subtleties of something like body language can have a significant effect on any situation, not just your dating life!  In the context of work and business, you can do and say all the right things, but if your body language causes concerns then you’re getting nowhere. Although this might seem unfair, the physiological issues behind certain types of body language actually do make sense. If you want to make sure your body language isn’t holding you back then watch out for the following:

Remember when you first started your current job? Just like in the early throes of dating, you found every interaction exciting. Even the Monday morning staff meeting! Your beloved could do no wrong. But soon, the honeymoon period wears off.  Especially this time of year, when it's cold outside and our bed is far too tempting!  If you need to put a bit of a spark back into your work life, read on for our top tips.

Here we are with part 3 of our series of ideas for upgrading your Social Media posts in 2020.  Rachel Allen, of 13Ten Marketing, based here in our offices to rent Milton Keynes iCentre, has been advising us on ways to make our Social Media more relevant and engaging for our clients and followers and, since presenting a workshop on the topic live in front of hundreds of people at the Recruitment Agency Expo at London's Olympia, we thought we would tap her up for some more ideas!

We all spend a lot of our time at work. With short deadlines, big personalities, occasional mistakes and the frustrations of technology, there are times when we could find ourselves feeling as though we want to throw the desktop out of the window! For times like these, it’s important to learn how to remain cool, calm and collected even in the most frustrating of situations. Here are some tips to achieve this:

Well, January's finally over and the first signs of spring are starting to show, but we're not out of the winter months yet and we’re still finding it that little bit harder to get out of bed in the mornings. 

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