We might have left school years ago, and the days of a new school bag and pencil case are long gone, but somehow, September still seems like the start of a new chapter for many of us.  Read on for our top tips on how to beat the September blues!

Today is International Dog Day, which got us thinking about the people here at Bucks Biz that bring their pooches in to work.  Do they benefit from doing so, more than just by not having to pay for 'doggy day-care' or risking going home to a chewed carpet?  Read on to see what we found out (and of course, for some cute doggy pics too!)

Customer experience has changed significantly over the years, and this is largely due to technological advances and businesses having to adopt an online presence. This has changed how businesses are interacting with their customers – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. 

If a customer leaves a great product review then this can drive traffic to your service (and website), which will cultivate interest and lead to sales. However, a product complaint can be detrimental and have a negative impact on sales. Remember: not all exposure is good exposure. 

Read on for some top tips and ways businesses can better interact with their customers. Not only will it improve customer retention, it’ll also increase job satisfaction among your workforce. People like knowing they’ve delivered a top quality service. 

Today is World Entrepreneur Day, and in light of this, we thought we’d share some top tips for the aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders here at Bucks Biz. We've done a bit of research, and uncovered five things entrepreneurs seem to have in common worldwide, along with inspirational quotes from our favourite trailblazers of today. 

Have you heard of Mood Boards?  You might have seen them on home improvement shows or even created one yourself when decorating your home, but have you thought about using one to plan your office space?  Read on for our top tips and favourite inspirational boards, and to find out about how Alle Interiors here in the iCentre can help you create your own.

In case you've been living under a rock, don't listen to the news, or haven't looked at your social media feeds yet today, it's A-Level results day!  If you're one of the stressed parents waiting nervously at home, waiting for a phone call, or even driving your child to the results centre because you can't wait to know yourself, we thought you might like some top tips on how to support your children through this potentially challenging time.  

We're mid-way through the summer school holidays in the UK and if you're a working parent, you might well be starting to feel the guilt pile up.  When your social media feeds are full of pictures of happy families having fun - days at the beach, paddling pools at home, holidays abroad, whatever it may be, you could be forgiven for feeling guilty that your kids are in holiday club, so that you can get some work done!  We wrote about how to entertain your kids whilst you get work done at home here, but what if you have to be in the office and they can't come with you?  Read on for our top tips: