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Are You Frustrated With Working From Your Kitchen Table?

Posted By: / March 15, 2023

It was recently reported that the rate of employees quitting their 9-5 was growing dramatically across the UK, and correspondingly, the number of individuals registering for self-employment and starting limited companies had also increased ...

We've spoken to a number of new clients across our three Bucks Biz sites and they've all said that the allure of working from home was great at first, but then they realised they needed more space. It was frustrating for them to work from the kitchen table long-term.

Getting an office or industrial space with us is always a great idea!

We'll listen to your requirements and offer you the best solution. If you want to customise your new premises, we can help with that too, and there are many other small businesses, just like yours, that will be happy to lend a hand. From decorating, to custom electrics or telecoms to moving walls and putting in extra doors, whatever you need, the Bucks Biz team are happy to help.

And we have a thriving community at each of our sites. With our coffee shops being shared spaces and the availability of gyms and other hospitable businesses for you to hang out in, you'll never feel isolated or alone when you choose Bucks Biz for your new premises.

And at the end of another busy day, turn off your equipment, lock your new office doors and go home to enjoy some quality time with your family and friends. Bucks Biz is a great place to be.