It was recently reported that the great return to the office everyone was expecting after the pandemic hasn't actually happened. It seems that many workers are happy to stay at home and their employers are happy for them to be there ...

After 'freedom day' last year, there was only an increase of around 0.4% in the number of workers returning. We think the shock of the first lockdown meant businesses needed to immediately find ways to continue trading with their staff at home, and they succeeded in remote working with the likes of cloud-based software, storage, Zoom and Teams for communications.

So what do you do if your premises now seem empty?

We think you should come and join us at Bucks Biz. Apart from essential staff being on-site each and every day, your remote teams could 'hotdesk' and just come into your offices for essential meetings, or even to work just one or two days each week.

Hot desking is a realistic option for most businesses now. Instead of having a desk per employee, and all the associated costs, you must ensure you have enough space for a few workers each day and spread their attendance across the week.

So if you're spending a huge amount on a virtually empty office, then why not let us show you something smaller and far more cost-effective at one of three great locations in Milton Keynes?

We know you and your team will love the buzz at Bucks Biz.