I had the pleasure of speaking with Manny Garcia from One Stop Services recently. Manny offers spray painting services in a booth or even onsite when needed. He's been part of the Bucks Biz family since July 2021 ...

Manny was looking around for new premises earlier in the year and visited MK:ONE and spoke to Dominic. He was immediately impressed with the flexibility of Bucks Biz in leases as well as the CCTV, alarms and proper security of the complex.

He particularly liked that everything was included in the monthly payment including rubbish being taken away and that the Bucks Biz team were happy to make changes to his industrial unit. He pretty much sealed the deal on the day and moved in quickly.

When I spoke to Manny I loved his enthusiasm for his art. Take anything down to his MK:ONE unit and it can be sprayed in any of up to 50,000 colours with a range of finishes too. As he produces his own colour mixed paint, if you want to give him a particular colour, either CYMK or RGB, he can accommodate you. Anything from bike frames to cupboard doors, gloss, matt or special finishes can be done. Whatever you'd like.

Manny also has an onsite service so you can have your window frames done without removing them and can even respray your conservatory if you'd like. It's a great way to freshen up your home without massive expense. Manny does use a lot of masking tape though!

So, Manny is one of your neighbours and he'd welcome anyone from the Bucks Biz family to visit and see what One Stop Services is all about. He's very happy being at MK:ONE and is very much looking forward to growing his business with the help of Dominic and his team.

Find out more about Manny Garcia from One Stop Services by clicking here.