As the first few graduation photos start to hit our social media feeds, full of grins and proud parents, it got me thinking - what next for these young adults, fresh out of uni?  Do they head straight into the workplace?  Many are desperate to leave home and head to the big smoke, but might they miss out on an opportunity to dabble in a fun career for a while?  So here are four cool graduate jobs, that would make any CV stand out from the crowd.

Have you met Amanda, Claire and Debbie at Rebellion Fitness yet?  Their studio is based at our Newport Pagnell Business Centre, so we thought we'd catch up with Amanda, owner and founder to find out all about her business, and why she decided to rent commercial space with Bucks Biz.

Last week’s networking event hosted at our Milton Keynes Business Centre by SJPoole Network was a roaring success.  More than 20 businesses from both inside and outside Bucks Biz attended, but there’s always room for more.  

Did you know that today is World Emoji Day?  Oh yes! There’s a day for everything these days!  

We all use emojis in our personal online life - who hasn’t used the facepalm, heart, or even poo-moji??  But did you know that emojis are becoming increasingly popular in business too?  

So, your small business is growing and you’re ready to move out of your home office or studio and rent your first industrial space?  How do you decide which commercial space is right for you? This is an important decision that you’ll want to get right - your office, unit or studio can significantly increase - or decrease productivity, employee retention and customer satisfaction.  When considering your ideal base, there are some key things to consider:

Emma Hardern, founder of Top Dog Turf, grew up on a sheep farm in Wales. In the 1970s, her mum wrote a thesis about local farmers who had died from Hydatid Disease after coming into contact with sheepdog faeces. The disease is dreadful and potentially fatal.