With Black Friday looming this week, you will already be getting bombarded with Black Friday 'Deals' from the major retailers.  One of our Bucks Biz residents, Rachel Allen from 13Ten Marketing has strong views on these deals.  We asked her to explain why she has said she will never do a Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal.

We first introduced you to Tango Check as a new resident of Bucks Biz back in July 2018 and thought it was about time we gave you an update.  In the run up to Christmas, the lovely people at Tango Check are co-ordinating collections for MK Foodbank, so it seems a good time to let you know about both at once!  Read on to find out more:

Today in the UK is Social Enterprise Day, so we thought we'd introduce you to one of the Social Enterprises based here at Bucks Biz.

First of all, what is Social Enterprise Day? Part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Social Enterprise Day is a global digital campaign designed to give social enterprises the chance to tell their stories, show what makes them different from traditional businesses and shout about the impact of their work.

The campaign is all about highlighting the diversity in the sector across the globe and is an opportunity for all social enterprises to take part in a public facing campaign, as well as engaging their staff directly with their social enterprise mission.  What better day then, to introduce you to Bucks Biz resident, Alter Ego Creative Solutions.  Read on to find out all about them.

With Brexit and the General Election being the hot topics on most people's lips at the moment, we thought we'd share a few tips on how to survive Brexit as a small business, if emigrating isn't an option for you!  We don’t really want to focus on the details around the General Election – but here’s a good article from the BBC  just in case you do.

The principle to surviving any kind of business turmoil is flexibility. There’s no doubt about it, the UK has never faced greater uncertainty and many critics of Brexit feel that it’s impossible to predict what the likely scenarios are. But if, as a business, you aren’t able to respond to changing market conditions, then you’re putting yourself at risk of not making it through the post-Brexit world. 

Read on for our top tips to make sure your business is able to remain flexible and adapt during these changing times:

To round up the end of World Kindness Week, how about a good-news story mixed in with our Meet The Neighbours post?   Last week, Michael Roberts from Michael Roberts Solutions Ltd, based right here in the iCentre, gave up his warm bed for a night under the stars at Stadium MK, to raise money for the homeless with the charity CEO Sleepout.

Read on to find out how much he has raised so far, how you can add to the total and oh, we'll tell you a bit about his business too!

Have you met the lovely people at Sports Traider yet?  Based here at the iCentre, Sports Traider is a youth-focused charity offering young people the kit and support they need to discover and fulfil their sporting ambition and potential, whatever their background, ability or disability.  Read on to find out how you can support them, and have a fab night out, this Christmas.

29th October is World Internet Day and that got us thinking about how to stay safe online.  Kids are taught all about Internet Safety at school these days, but what about those of us who left school before the explosion of the internet?  Perhaps it's worth taking a look at some of those rules for kids, and seeing if they apply to us, too?