Today Destination MK (DMK) is holding the 7th annual #LoveMk Day, the day is not only to promote Milton Keynes as a business and leisure destination but also to showcase the pride that many people have in their city!

Coversure Insurance are the trusted insurance broker for thousands of property, motor and business insurance customers. Their key services are insurance for offices, professional indemnity insurance, liability and commercial combined insurance. Hemal Patel is the franchise holder for the Milton Keynes branch, which is based at the Bucks Biz iCentre. Hemal has kindly shared some top insurance tips for businesses:

SRS offer sales, repairs and service on most makes of paper shredders, guillotines, trimmers and other office products. They also sell many
of the most common parts for these machines, including shredder oil, which is important for keeping your shredder working correctly.

Many of us have our email address registered with hundreds of companies and websites. Online retailers, food supermarkets, furniture stores, online banking – not to mention several social media platforms. And there’s nothing wrong with that… unless your credentials are being sold on the Dark Web.

You’ve just created your company’s Facebook Page and you’re waiting for the likes and comments to roll in. So can you just sit back and relax? No! Now’s the perfect time to set up your Facebook Page correctly and make sure all of your settings and features are accurate before you start getting engagement from potential customers. So here are ten things you need to look at on your Facebook settings. 

With looming deadlines, endless spread sheets and to-do lists, not to mention hundreds of emails to reply to, many of us can become stressed and anxious at work. Today is National Stress Awareness Month, an annual event held every April since 1992. It’s a good opportunity to evaluate how much stress you experience at work and learn how to combat it. 

Posting video content on your company’s social media pages and blog page has many benefits. It provides customers with a simple way of absorbing guidance or advice that’s simple and easy to understand. 

Today is National Siblings Day! Held on the 10th April every year, it’s an annual event to celebrate siblings all over the world, and it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your siblings, too! However, some of us already spend a lot of time with our siblings – especially those brothers and sisters who work together! That goes for Dom Muscat at Bucks Biz who works with his sister, Natalie, at our family-run business centres across Milton Keynes.

So what’s it really like to work with your sibling? “Great!” says Dom. “I love winding her up on a daily basis! I have everyone believing she is my older sister when she is in fact my younger sister!”

As Bucks Biz is a family-run company, Dom works with other family members, too. “I work with my father as well. So not only is he my father, but my boss, too! He doesn’t take the winding up as well and threatens to sack me on a daily basis.”