One Bucks Biz resident who had to adapt his business very quickly was Chris Edwards from The Instrument Factory.  Knowing that the country would soon be in lockdown, Chris changed the music studio space in his Newport Pagnell unit so that he could offer music lessons remotely. Having a large client base attending in person each week, Chris knew that he needed to make some changes so that he could continue to offer his students the very best music tuition in these challenging conditions.


Chris is now using his unit slightly differently: “Whilst the lessons are practically the same when offered remotely as opposed to in-person, the set up of the studio and equipment is more important than ever. You need a proper workflow so that you can access the instruments that you need and to set the cameras up so that it points to the equipment that the student needs to see.  This can only be done with cleverly managed space, which my serviced office unit in Newport Pagnell provides for me.”


Chris also feels that having a distinction between his home and work was a major factor for his mental health. “I have always preferred to have a proper place to ‘go to work’ as getting up and going out every day is good for my mental health – it makes me feel more positive and productive. Unfortunately, during lockdown, I was renovating my house, so the studio space that I had set up wasn’t exactly as I needed it and the sense of chaos at home didn’t help with my mood. I was so relieved when it became safe to go back to the music studio in my serviced office as it helped me to get more done in the day. Plus, I used the walk to the office as part of my allocated daily exercise, so that was an extra benefit.”


Chris has been renting a 6 person serviced office in Newport Pagnell since December 2018 and has adapted the space to suit his needs. As a fairly standard room, Chris was able to install the storage and shelving he needed to allow him to carry out his work in an efficient way. Many landlords don’t allow for this degree of customisation, but the ability to flex his workspace was one of the major reasons why Chris chose to base his music studio at Bucks Biz.


Moving forward, Chris will continue to offer his music tuition services virtually and his students are pleased that their lessons can continue in this new world of social distancing. To find out more about The Instrument Factory, visit their website.