With everything that’s going on in the world right now, we wanted to share a little bit of good news from one of the businesses at Bucks Biz. Alle Dekenah of Alle Interiors has put a temporary pause on her business whilst she’s gone back to work in the healthcare profession, to support our local services as they care for people with Coronavirus.  We spoke to Alle to find out more about her decision and what this means for her and her business.

BB: Alle, firstly, a MASSIVE THANK YOU for your contribution to helping the local effort to care for people with this horrible virus.

Alle: When I first moved to the UK, I worked as a nurse in the NHS between 1991 and 1998. Although my nursing registration isn’t up to date, I wanted to do something to help after the government put out a call for volunteers to help the NHS. So, I applied to return to MK Hospital as a healthcare assistant, to help out during this time.

BB: Wow, that’s brilliant! When will you be starting?

Alle: My application has gone in and I’m waiting for my DBS check. I should be ready to head in over the next few weeks, which I believe will be the right time as we will be in or approaching a peak at that time.

BB: How is this having an impact on your business?

Alle: When the lockdown was announced, we made the decision to close our unit, as so many other businesses also had to. I feel that we are in a fairly lucky position all things considered; the two ladies who work with me are now set up to do smaller projects at home, such as roman blinds and cushions. I’m pleased that I’ve been able to keep them in work during this time.  I did also secure six other projects which should be delivered over the next few weeks, but luckily our customers fully understand and we can still deliver their projects – it will just be later than we’d planned.

BB:  How can customers contact you?

Alle:  We are still taking orders through the website, providing there is availability from our suppliers. Our spring collection can still be found on the Alle Interiors website, so please take a look if you’re planning some changes in your home. We can have a discussion about how we can help you to style your home, whilst keeping you, us and our suppliers safe.

BB: You and your husband also share a unit. How is that working?

Alle: We have a very large unit which we have divided in three spaces: my studio, an admin area, and lab at the back as my husband runs a Electrical/Electronic/Fire Specialist Diagnostics and Forensics company.  He is also fortunate in that he is able to continue to run that from home (if needed).  It generally works very well in our divided unit – we have a spacious place to make the large curtains and soft furnishings and we can turn it in to a workshop space.

Marc’s lab area is at the back so it’s quite nicely tucked away.  We have a roller shutter door so we can take large deliveries for fabric and long items such as tracks.  Marc can also take in evidence for investigations.

BB: And how has Coronavirus impacted you personally?

Alle: I’m naturally very worried for the safety of my friends, family and any vulnerable people. I’m hopeful that by returning to the nursing profession as a healthcare assistant, I can play my part to help out.  Obviously the impact on our businesses, and my friends businesses is a concern, but there is a lot of government help available, which I see as very positive.

From a personal perspective, we are disappointed as a family that my daughter’s wedding has been cancelled. Such a lot of work and planning has gone in to it, but obviously it will be rearranged and it’ll be great to have something positive to look forward to.

Please keep in touch with Alle via her Facebook page to see how things go back on the wards. You can also contact Alle via alle@alle-interiors.co.uk

Best of luck Alle and on behalf of your friends at Bucks Biz – thank you!