We had the pleasure of speaking to Alle Dekenah of Alle Interiors recently. Alle is based at iCentre in Newport Pagnell and has three units in total, one of which she shares with her husband's business ...

Alle runs an independent interior design and styling company that consists of a creative team of qualified furnished. Alle told us that she likes to be able to offer a one-stop-shop for her all of her clients' interior and soft furnishing needs.

She has over a decade of experience. Alle said, "I have qualifications in interior design. I can create blinds, curtains and pelmets and even run workshops when there's a demand." We've seen some of her work in the portfolio section of her website and it really is beautiful.

Alle has three people working with her at the moment. Two are fully qualified and one is in training. She also has an internship going on to help reduce the load a little because demand for her services has rocketed since the end of lockdowns. Alle told us, "Instead of moving, people are spending more time getting their homes just the way they like it."

Alle loves being at Bucks Biz and has been with us for over four years now!

She originally had two units that Dominic customised for her and recently took on another unit for an admin office for her business and a lab for her husband's business. "I particularly like the simple monthly fee I pay to Bucks Biz" she said. "If I want postage for something, I just ask and it gets billed at the end of the month. The same goes for my electricity usage and I got carpeting and aircon when I moved in that I paid for upfront."

Alle says she's had a very positive experience at iCentre and loves working with the Bucks Biz team. She's looking to expand in 2022 and will need a new unit for all the extra products she's looking to add to her offerings, such as candles and diffusers.

If you're at iCentre and want to know more about Alle Interiors, do visit her website and see how she can help you and if you're looking for premises for your business, then you can discover more about iCentre by clicking here.