Another Bucks Biz resident determined to help out with the national efforts against Coronavirus is SR-TEK, a manufacturer and distributor of pressure feed systems. They produce a range of equipment used across many different industries, but at the moment, they are turning their efforts to machines that can help any company producing PPE equipment or masks for NHS staff or other healthcare workers.

And if you’re a company in the local area making these types of products at the moment, SR-TEK will commission the machine you need for FREE!  Read on if you’re making masks or ventilators and need a machine that can dispense either a lubricant or an adhesive in order to make the medical equipment.

Founder and director Loris Medart said: “We are hearing about some brilliant innovations across the UK at the moment, and we’d love to play our part in supporting a local company to improve their production of this valuable equipment. Our equipment feed and can dispense liquid, either a lubricant or adhesive, very quickly and accurately, which will make it much easier and faster to manufacture a ventilator or mask that the NHS and care sector so desperately need right now.”

A complete system will cost on average £5,000 to build and can be turned around fairly quickly. Loris added: “We are a small business, but this is one thing that we can do to really make a difference. We’d love to support another local company to reduce the costs of their production so that we can help with the fight against Coronavirus.”

If you’re a local company, or know of anybody making much-needed medical equipment for the NHS right now, please get in touch with Loris directly on or call (0) 20 8242 4853.  An initial discussion would be required to ensure that the products that SR-TEK produce will need to be compatible with your own production line.

Here’s some examples from SR-TEK’s product range that might help any manufacturer of healthcare products:

  • Clear Pressure Tanks might be useful for any company carrying out Research & Development (R&D)
  • Electric agitated tanks are very small and easy to control. The use of stainless steel 316 grade means these products can be kept completely sterile, which is great for, clean room environments or when manufacturing products under certain quality standards need to be maintained.

If you are working to create PPE for the NHS or healthcare sector right now and would like to discuss whether you qualify for this offer of free equipment to support your manufacturing processes, please contact Loris Medart on or call (0) 20 8242 4853. 

To find out more about SR-TEK’s range visit

SR-TEK lease a commercial property at our Bletchley campus. They use our highly flexible workshop space to rent which means they can build their products and use our offices to rent near Milton Keynes.