Last week’s networking event hosted at our Milton Keynes Business Centre by SJPoole Network was a roaring success.  More than 20 businesses from both inside and outside Bucks Biz attended, but there’s always room for more.  


Sam from SJPoole explained: “We always look at ways that we can help  businesses grow and help connect businesses to collaborate. We are grateful to Joe Muscat and Bucks Biz for sponsoring the SJPnetwork by providing the event space and it would be great to meet some more businesses from the iCentre.”

This month’s topic was business blogging, led by Rebecca Chamberlain of RLC Words. Rebecca’s a copywriter, and has several clients for whom she ghost-blogs regularly, as well as publishing her own weekly blog on her website. Rebecca outlined the benefits of blogging for your business, and then ways of developing a plan that fits your business. After some great questions and answers, Rebecca then explained the workshop exercise.

“The whole purpose of blogging is to come up with a subject interesting enough to make people click onto your website, and read more. That subject has got to be one that captures your readers’ attention – so who better to ask about what you could offer, than people who read about your expertise?

“It also makes a nice change to think about other people’s businesses, and it’s fascinating to hear, in turn, what people would like to read from you. It can often bring up some topics you never would have thought of yourself.”

It brought up lots of interesting ideas, and everyone went away armed with a plan for outlining their own blogging strategy! 

Rebecca has a perfect product for anyone starting out on their blogging journey: her Blogging Starter Pack. It covers everything you need to know about the whys and hows of business blogging, and includes some time with Rebecca to discuss your strategy, and publish your first post:

Don’t forget that there is no networking at Bucks Biz in August, due to the school holidays, but SJPoole are instead hosting a fab summer event on 6th August and you’re all invited. More information can be found here.

Networking will resume at the iCentre on September 11th at 9.30.  Watch this space for further details when we have them.