It’s a funny time of year right now. There’s the temptation to slow down because it’s all about Christmas events and nobody’s answering your calls. Decisions are being pushed back into January. But there’s still quite a number of working days left before we can officially break for Christmas.  If things are a bit quiet for you, why not put some of these great Linked IN tactics in place? Not only will it pass the time, you’ll be able to gain useful insights about your connections and potentially generate some new business ready for the new year!

As we’re now firmly in December, it’s Christmas party time. This can either fill you with excitement or complete dread! Whilst Christmas is a great time to get to know your colleagues better, we think it’s important to strike a balance between having fun with the people you spend a lot of time with but making sure that you aren’t so uptight you’re a bore. So, how can you enjoy the party season and make sure you keep your dignity – and your job?

Did you know that today is Computer Security Day?  We know, there's a day for everything, and we do love writing about them! Love them or loathe them, these made-up and sometimes extremely bizarre 'national' days give us a reminder to check up on a topic, and today is a great example.  Computer security is a hugely important issue for all businesses, but especially for small businesses and start ups.  But, so many people don’t understand what their responsibilities are and often it’s because the tech industry make things sound so complicated, business owners just don’t know where to start.

We're ignoring the Black Friday chaos here on the blog today and talking about a much calmer American tradition - the National Day of Listening.   Held the day after Thanksgiving since 2008, the day aims to bring people together through telling the stories of their lives. StoryCorps, a Not For Profit Organization whose mission is to provide all Americans with an opportunity to tell, record and preserve the stories of their lives, created the day to encourage participants to interview a loved one, friend or member of their community and share the interview on the dedicated website.

If you've spent any time in our MK2 location at Bletchley, you will have met our lovely receptionist, Paula Lee.   If you happen to be there on 6th December though, Paula will be replaced by our Chief Elf, for Elf Day!   Read on to find out more about Paula, Elf Day, and how this festive fundraising day helps those suffering from the dreadful effects of Alzheimer's 

Have you met David Flynn, from Xcaliba yet?   David and Xcaliba are fairly new to our commercial property for rent Bletchley and we thought it was about time we introduced them!  Read on to find out all about them, why they chose our office to rent near Bletchley, and what their plans are for the future at Bucks Biz.