Are you aware of the small habits, thought processes or attitude shifts that could make a big difference in your life, career and relationships?  Read on to learn our favourite five, based on this list shared on

Five Small habits That Could make a Big Difference

1.  Chew Gum to Decrease Nervousness

This could be a game changer next time you are nervously waiting for an interview, important meeting, or hot date.  It is scientifically proven that when we chew, our brain thinks "I wouldn't be eating if I was in danger, so I mustn't be in danger" and calms down.  Try it next time you're about to do something scary, like a bungee jump, or visit the supermarket during a pandemic!

2.  The Quickest Way To Learn Is By Teaching

Also scientifically proven is that teaching someone something you've just learned helps to embed it in your brain.  This is because it forces you to retrieve the information in a different way and then relay it.  If you are able to teach something in such a way that the other person understands, you can be sure that you have understood it well yourself.  

3.  Ask A Favour To Make A Friend

If you ask someone a favour, they will like you more.  It's called The Benjamin Franklin Effect.  It may seem counter-intuitive, as you might worry that you'll annoy people by asking for help, but It is a psychological phenomenon, where a person having done someone a favour is more likely to do another favor for him/her, than they would be if they had received a favour from that person.

4.  Pay Attention to Feet

The positioning of a persons feet in social or business situations can tell you a lot about their thoughts and feelings.  If you are in a conversation with someone and their torso is turned towards you, but their feet are facing in another direction, it could be that they want the conversation to end.  It's a function of our limbic brain that you can read more about HERE.

Young people legs standing in circle

5.  Primacy and Recency

People most remember the first and last things to happen, and barely the middle.  You can make this simple fact work to your favour in all sorts of ways - always schedule an interview at the beginning or end of the day.  Volunteer to go first or wait to go last.  Make the most important points at the start and end of an email and hide the facts you don't want remembered in the middle.  

What quick tips can you share, that make a big difference?

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