It’s Parent’s Week (21–25th October), so we thought we’d focus on issues that affect working parents today, and offer tips on how to utilise any benefits you have in the workplace.

Today (17th October) is 'Get Smart About Credit' day.  Whilst the day was established by the ABA (American Bankers Association) to help encourage young people to get a handle on their finances from a young age, it did prompt us to have a think about credit, and its affect on small businesses.  We're not going to go in to your overdraft/loan/credit card decisions (we'll leave that to the experts) but what about the credit you extend to your customers?  Many of our residents at Bucks Biz are small-medium businesses, sole traders and freelancers, and even just the standard 30-day payment terms on invoices can put a strain on your cash flow.  Read on, to find out what we discovered we should be looking out for, when extending credit to our customers.

Today (10th October) is World Mental Health Day.  This year's focus is on Suicide Prevention and the World Health Organisation are inviting everyone to join them in “40 seconds of action” to raise awareness of the scale of suicide around the world and the role that each of us can play to help prevent it.

7th October is World Day of Bullying Prevention.  Most of us probably assume this type of behaviour is left at the school gates; that bullying is a problem which only affects the younger generation and won’t be tolerated in adulthood. But this isn’t always the case.

The definition of bullying is when an individual or group of people with more power, repeatedly and intentionally cause harm to an individual or group of people.

In fact, this is an issue that affects many individuals and businesses, big or small. It’s important to deal with each case in a professional and sensitive manner. So what can employers do to prevent bullying in the workplace? What procedures should be in place to protect staff and minimise conflict?

There are many benefits to joining Facebook Groups in your local area. If you run a business, Facebook Groups can give you an insight into local events, discussions and relevant topics that you can get involved with.

If you are a resident of our Bucks Biz commercial property for rent Bletchley, offices to rent Milton Keynes or workshop space to rent Newport Pagnell, you are invided to be part of our Bucks Biz Community facebook group.  If you haven't joined already, what are you waiting for?  In case you need incentive, here are 8 tips for making the most of Facebook Groups.

Today on the blog, we meet the very lovely Alexandra Knight from Fitter Body Ladies, based here in our Milton Keynes Business Centre.  Alexandra is so passionate about her business that she's by far the best person to tell her story, so over to Alexandra ...