Have you got Google Analytics installed on your website? Big bonus points for you if you have!  Have you checked it within the last month? Hmm, you might want to log in and see what’s happening.

The beauty of the digital age is our ability to track the effectiveness of our marketing activities, yet surprisingly under 30% of small businesses use analytics at all and 70% are running their marketing campaigns without any insight from them.

We spoke with Rachel Allen from 13Ten Marketing, who recently attended a FREE webinar with Loren from The Website School over in her Facebook Group The Website School Chat Pod. Rachel kindly gave us a simple run down of the things you need to look at in your Google Analytics and the reasons why they will help your business today.

1.  Check your visitors

Google Analytics will tell you who visits your site by month/day and even time of day. It will tell you if your marketing activity is attracting new or returning customers. This information is gold – you can adjust the tone of your messages, design email campaigns and even social media advertising to particular groups of people. This alone will help you improve the impact of your marketing strategy.

2.  Look at your traffic sources

If you know where people found your website, you’ll be able to decide where to focus your activity. Your Google Analytics will tell you if it’s from social media, a paid ad, an organic search or referred via another site. For example, you might have paid to advertise in an online directory – analytics will tell you if this investment has returned any ROI.

3.  Landing pages

Thinking about where your visitors land on your website is key. They might not land on your home page; potentially most visitors could find you via your blog for example. This information will help you to check your landing pages to make sure they’re set to help the user on their journey (ie: where do you want them to go on your site next)?

4.  Bounce rate

Just as the name suggests, this is the number of people who exit your website and is a brilliant way to see how engaging your content is. You’d be aiming for a bounce rate of <30% and if it’s over 75% then you’d want to take a look at improving your content and making sure you’re driving people to the right page on your site.


5.  Device

Knowing whether your visitors access your site from a mobile/tablet or desktop will help with your design. Make sure your website displays properly on a mobile and if it doesn’t, take a look at rectifying it so that you don’t get penalised by Google, who always want to make sure websites appear well on mobile.

6.  Demographics

Google Analytics will help you understand the age, gender and location of your followers. This insight is invaluable, not only to help you write your web content with your ideal client in mind, but also to inform your social media advertising strategy.

7.  Social media

Looking at the traffic you get from your social media channels will help you to see which platform you are best off spending your time on. If Facebook gets you most traffic and Twitter doesn’t, take this as a sign that your ideal client isn’t on there and try switching it off (you don’t need to be on every social media channel).

To find out more about Google Analytics and the important role it can play in your marketing strategy, please join the The Website School Chat Pod where you can download a handy Google Analytics cheat sheet here: https://www.thewebsiteschool.co.uk/7-key-statistics-you-need-to-monitor-on-your-website


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