Looking to refresh your marketing strategy in 2020?  We asked Rachel Allen from 13Ten Marketing, based right here at the iCentre, for her advice on the best strategy for marketing this year, and she told us it's all about Social Media and Content Marketing for 2020!

Read on for Rachel's top tips for effective Content Marketing.

3 Reasons why content marketing is a brilliant strategy

Content marketing is one of the biggest trends in marketing at the moment – and it looks here to stay. A relatively inexpensive way to get your message out to your target market (no printing, no design and no event/sponsorship costs), the key is to make sure that you spend your time and energy in creating content that accurately reflects your brand and ultimately, engages your target customer. 

1.  One piece of content can be used many times

If you’ve got a content plan and a list of topics that you know will engage your candidates and clients, you can easily work out ways to use them many times. If you film a video for your website, why not transcribe it into a blog post? If you cover a couple of themes within your video, you can cut it in to a short teaser film and post it on social media, driving people to the main video on your website using several different key messages to entice people to view.

Tip: Think carefully about your message and invest time in a high-value piece of content. From there, work out how you can use it in several ways.

2.  Content will help your website perform better

If you are writing about a topic or issue that’s relevant to your industry or sector, there’s no doubt that it will be full of keywords that Google will LOVE. Although the Google algorithms are always changing, one principle remains the same – it rewards websites where content is updated regularly, which has lots of keywords and where readers have spent time on a page.

Tip: Make sure you have researched your keywords and use them throughout your content. There is a lot of discussion about Content vs. SEO – but SEO will rely on good quality content, so make sure you get it right. Make sure your content is worth reading and your SEO will benefit.

3.  Content strategy will feed your social media

Your website’s blog is the first place to go to for your social media content. For each blog post, create social media posts to drive people back to your website. This could be a quick video to introduce your blog post (make sure you add in subtitles) or you could do an Instagram story or just a series of text-based posts (with an accompanying image) that will help to drive people to your blog post. And don’t just drive people to your blog once – think of different ways to introduce the topic and create eye-catching posts to drive people to your posts.

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Feeling inspired, but not sure how to start?  Fear not.  Rachel is presenting a workshop next week for residents of BucksBiz on the top trends in Social Marketing in 2020.  The workshop costs just £5, which will be donated to Willen Hospice, and hot drinks and snacks will be provided free of charge.  Rachel says:

"Make sure you're delivering quality content that will engage your clients and candidates and most importantly - get you great results. Social media is always changing, so what worked last year won't necessarily work now!

A huge proportion of purchasing decisions are made off the back of social media research, so it's important to make sure your social media activity reflects who you are. Find out how you can update your 2020 strategy to engage with customers, build communities and get great results."

Not only will this event be a great start to your new Social Media Strategy planning for 2020, it'll be a brilliant chance to network with other businesses based at Bucks Biz.

Places are limited, so book your tickets HERE.

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