Today, on #InternationalDayofPeace, we are looking at quick and simple ways you can make your working environment that little bit more peaceful. There's plenty of stress around at the moment as it is, so if we can just find a moments peace at work, it'll help us be that bit more productive.

Whether you are working from your lounge sofa, a hot desk in a large office, or have a unit in a shared office space like our Milton Keynes Business Centre, spending a few minutes refreshing your space to create a healthy, soothing and comfortable environment will allow you to be less stressed, more productive and creative and happier overall.

1.  Declutter your workspace.

Clear desk, clear mind.  Yep, it has been proven that the state of your desk reflects the state of your mind!  So, keeping your desk clear and tidy will help with clarity and focus in your work - not to mention making it much easier to keep COVID clean!  The same goes for your online desktop too.  In these uncertain days when we could be put into a local lockdown at any moment, us it's worth thinking about how you work, and how to store important information you might need access to - just in case you can't come in to work tomorrow!  

To-Do lists, spreadsheets and notes can all be stored in the cloud so they're off your desk and accessible from anywhere.  There are many great apps for list-making and reminders.  Come back to the blog tomorrow for a list of our favourites. You can also read our previous blog on How To Declutter Your Workspace for more ideas.

2.  Create a 'grounding' space.

Ok, 'Grounding' might sound like a slightly hippy term, but it's a fact that we live through our senses and if we get too caught up in mental activities such as working on computers, attending meetings and worrying, it is helpful to 'ground' ourselves again so that we can be present in our current moment.   Grounding elements to bring in to your workspace could be plants (they do need to be real, and kept alive, so assign the test to a green-fingered office member), rocks, shells or wood.  These are all earth elements and they should be kept somewhere where you see and can touch them regularly.  Seeing and touching natural elements can help ground you and take you out of your own head.

Close-up of woman working on laptop in the office

3.  Get comfortable.

This is especially important to consider when many of us are spending more time working from home these days.  We have previously talked about how employers have a duty of care over their employees even when they are working from home, so it's important to make sure your employees are comfortable and are not putting themselves at risk of repetitive strain injuries.  Think about the ergonomics of your desk arrangement - your feet should be flat on the floor and your arms at a 90 degree angle when typing.

4.  Silence is golden.

Constant noise can create stress and sensory overwhelm.  Think about creating a 'quiet time' during the working day if possible - switch off the radio and encourage employees to schedule calls for another time.  Alternatively, drown out noise from your colleagues by wearing noise cancelling headphones.  Take a few minutes every day to sit still and take some deep breaths in silence - it will help you to reset your mind.  If you do need noise, try Brain FM - playlists to help you focus, sleep, relax or meditate.

5.  Drink lots of water.

Drinking more water is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.  It is proven to maximise physical performance, energy levels and brain function and helps protect us against all sorts of health issues.  Make it easy for yourself by keeping a large bottle of water on your desk and make sure you finish it every day (remember to give a little bit to those new plants in your office, too!)


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