One business that’s fully adapted to the new reality is The Armory Coaching Studio. They traditionally run personal fitness sessions for small groups and individuals, but given the restrictions imposed by the Government, they have now started to offer a range of online options as their studio at Bucks Biz MK2 is out of bounds for some time whilst the lockdown restrictions are in place.

Like many, the team at Armory Coaching now deliver sessions online via Zoom, which is generally over 30 sessions of group training or Personal Training sessions each week. But, they’re going a step further because of the limitations people are finding during lockdown.

Lewis Roberts, CEO of Armoury Coaching said: “Many people are spending more time at home than they  normally would, whether they’re working, schooling their children or simply staying in as we’ve been told. This means people are sitting for longer and often sitting badly or simply not doing their regular daily exercise. We’ve bought in a yoga teacher to provide sessions to reduce any tightness they’re feeling in their muscles and to help them to reduce the stress levels they’re experiencing because of the lockdown.”

“We’ve also created a series of “trigger workouts” where you do a some exercises for a couple of minutes throughout the day to help you offset any tightness or soreness that you’re experiencing from sitting down for a long period of time. We’d recommend you do this every hour, on the hour to help increase your energy levels, blood flow through your body and to help you burn more calories.”

You can find out more about the Trigger Workouts here

Armory Coaching is a brilliant example of how you can make a ‘face to face’ business successful online. In addition to the sessions that are now available online, they’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of their members only Armory Athlete Facebook Group and they’ve seen a surge in coaching sessions amongst our NHS heroes, after they’ve offered a 50% discount on their coaching services.

Armory Coaching has seen an increase in the numbers of people using their online app, which allows them to train in their own home. The app provides a personalised programme based on their ability, training goals and the equipment that they have got to train with, all monitored by a professional coach.

Plus, Lewis believes there is a big opportunity for Armory Coaching once the world begins to return to ‘normal.’ “Many businesses will continue to operate remotely so that they can save money on premises and it might be more beneficial long-term for their staff. However, that still comes with problems of inactivity and less social interaction. I’m hoping that many companies will see the benefit in using virtual training sessions to boost their team morale, improve their team’s health and boost their productivity.”

For Bucks Biz members, you can download a copy of the "Push Up Progression Pyramid", a step by step workout programme anyone can do in the comfort of their home whilst gyms are closed