We have it on very good authority that for 2020, April Fool's Day is cancelled. Google has stated that they won't be running any pranks across their platform, and given people's increasing concern about life in general as we head for the peak of a global pandemic, we think this is probably for the best.

However, we didn't want to let the occasion pass completely, so to bring a smile to your faces and to shake up your timelines with all the Coronavirus news, we thought we'd do a quick rundown of the best April Fool's Day pranks from years gone by!  We got our inspiration from this list on Bored Panda.

1. Grow cress in your workmate's keyboard

You can quite easily do this a couple of weeks before April Fool's Day, so that cress grows out of the keyboard just in time for AFD. But this year, you're unlikely to get near any of your colleagues computers, so this one won't be happening.

2. Put a circle of shopping trolleys around your mate's car

Nothing about going shopping at the moment is very funny and it'll take you a long time to anti-bac enough trolleys to get around your friend's car. So leave this one for next year.

3. Toilet roll prank

Good Housekeeping shared a prank where you glue down the end of the toilet roll. Given the panic-buying that we've seen recently, joking about with toilet roll simply isn't funny this year (good luck finding any too).

4. Sneeze prank

Another one from Good Housekeeping, sneeze when you are stood behind somebody and spray the back of their neck lightly with water. Given that we are all 2 metres apart now (and if we aren't, we should be) then this prank will backfire!

Obviously the best thing you can do this April Fool's Day is to stay at home to keep our NHS and other key workers safe. But if you really wanted to get a little fix of something, take a look at some of the best from Bart Simpson.

Have you played a prank on your colleagues at your office? Let us know - we'd love to hear what you've got up to on previous April Fool's Days.