Today is National Siblings Day! Held on the 10th April every year, it’s an annual event to celebrate siblings all over the world, and it’s a great opportunity to spend time with your siblings, too! However, some of us already spend a lot of time with our siblings – especially those brothers and sisters who work together! That goes for Dom Muscat at Bucks Biz who works with his sister, Natalie, at our family-run business centres across Milton Keynes.

So what’s it really like to work with your sibling? “Great!” says Dom. “I love winding her up on a daily basis! I have everyone believing she is my older sister when she is in fact my younger sister!”

As Bucks Biz is a family-run company, Dom works with other family members, too. “I work with my father as well. So not only is he my father, but my boss, too! He doesn’t take the winding up as well and threatens to sack me on a daily basis.”

Bucks Biz

Has Dom ever had any sibling competition or rivalry with Natalie? “Not really. My sister is clever person and picked up very quickly that I am normally right so goes along with what I say most of time…”

And how do you manage boundaries to make sure you don't keep talking about work with your sibling and family at home? “This is difficult and we haven’t quite worked this out unless our kids are around as they ensure everything is about them!”

So is there a family member Dom would never want to work with? “After years of working with our builders, I can work with anyone…”

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