Did you know that today is World Emoji Day?  Oh yes! There’s a day for everything these days!  

We all use emojis in our personal online life - who hasn’t used the facepalm, heart, or even poo-moji??  But did you know that emojis are becoming increasingly popular in business too?  

The cute little symbols derived from Japanese comics were created to express emotion through digital communication. The idea is to provide a reaction when emailing, texting or messaging someone who can't see your body language.  All sounds good when you’re messaging your kids, but what about your customers?


Entrepreneur Europe thinks it’s perfectly fine to use emojis in business communication and New data shows that using those little cartoons significantly boosts user engagement with your brand.

According to their website: A recent study by mobile marketing platform Leanplum and app analytics company App Annie revealed the effectiveness of emoji in mobile marketing campaigns. Analyzing more than 2.6 billion push notifications, the study found that push notifications with emojis had 85 percent greater open rates than those without.

So far so good, but business.com advises caution.  Aside from the fact that the meaning of emojis can easily be misconstrued, they advise “whether you should use emojis at work depends on context. If your workplace is informal, emojis are likely more acceptable, particularly if your co-workers use them frequently.”

So what are you waiting for? There’s no better day to start using emojis for your business than World Emoji Day!

If you’re struggling to know which to use, Entrepreneur Europe lists their top 10 emojis to use in business here, or you can read Rachel Allen Marketing's blog post on World Emoji Day here.