On 8th May it was International Receptionists Day and we featured our fabulous receptionist Faye. Next up it’s Paula, who’s based at our Bletchley Business Campus and started with us in March.

How long have you worked for Bucks Biz? 

I have only been with Bucks Biz Bletchley since early March, so I’m very new to the business and the people on site.Paula photo

What is a typical day in the life of a receptionist at Bucks Biz? 

I only work part time (1pm-5pm) on a job share with the lovely Deborah Bryan. In the time here we meet and greet, act as a first port of call for the tenants and any questions they have, we are the face of the business and
try to ensure that we’re always cheery and helpful.

We take in lots of deliveries for the tenants and have to field incoming calls and queries about the sites.

We process the post both incoming and outgoing and offer a photocopying/printing service to our clients.

We set up and manage the onsite meeting rooms ensuring they are always tidy and welcoming to the clients.

What do you like most about your role? 

There is a lot of variety every day, a mixed range of tenants, all of whom have been very kind and welcoming to
a new face. I have an amazing team around me who are very supportive and fun to work with.

What do you like least about your role? 

Ohh, controversial 😊 I dislike that someone backed into our onsite cow (Daisy) that’s just rude. Otherwise, what’s not to like?

What's the strangest phone call you've ever received OR what is the strangest thing that has ever been delivered into reception? 

I’ve not had anything strange really as yet, but we do get some packages that look like giant Toblerone's for our onsite Ice Cream company.

Top tip for staying organised? 

I’m all about to-do lists and have an organiser diary for the more crazy times, it’s all about understanding priorities and needs.