SRS offer sales, repairs and service on most makes of paper shredders, guillotines, trimmers and other office products. They also sell many
of the most common parts for these machines, including shredder oil, which is important for keeping your shredder working correctly.

SRS are the UK service agents for DAHLE, KOBRA & SWORDFISH undertaking all of their service work in or out of warranty. This is done both on-site and in-house, depending on the size of the machine. They also carry out service and repairs on most other manufacturer's including; REXEL, FELLOWES and HSM. 

Why is shredding important?

Shredding unwanted documents and letters is necessary for everyone in business. It not only protects you and your business and employees against identity theft, but it also ensures your company is complying with GDPR and data protection laws. If you were to throw away a customer’s letter with their address on it, you’d be distributing their private details and allowing a whole host of people access to it. Shredding ensures that data and information is completely destroyed.

SRS Sales & Service Ltd are based at the Bletchley Bucks Biz business centre.