For businesses now making plans for the future the word 'flexibility' features strongly. The pandemic has shown us that almost anything can change unexpectedly ...

Many large businesses are already concluding that they don't want to be locked in to long-term leases for office space and other business accommodation. That's sending shockwaves through the commercial property world, but for Bucks Biz it's genuinely 'business as usual'.

What does flexible office leasing mean?

Businesses are now looking for real choices about the type of contract they sign for their office space. Some are looking for a dedicated space while others are happy to share with another company, or even other individuals in a coworking environment. Importantly, they also want 'scalability' to add extra space when it's needed, with the option to reduce it again without penalties.

No business owner wants to pay for resources that aren't being used. However, you won't want to be tied to a space that doesn't meet your needs in a few months or a years' time. The ability to scale up and down at short notice is likely to become a standard business requirement in the future. Around the world, the concept of a flexible workspace market is just starting to take shape.

Smaller spaces with fewer people on-site at one time will suit hybrid working patterns where employees' time is shared between business premises and remote working.

Commercial landlords and investors have become acutely aware of the implications of these changes. In a drive to restore and retain their income they are starting to negotiate new terms and conditions with their tenants. How quickly they can turn around that supertanker remains to be seen.

They are also recognising the need to respond to the fast-changing business world. More businesses are starting to use freelance workers for specific contracts, increasing the need for office space for a short time only, and allocating the costs to the project rather than treating it as an overall business overhead.

More importantly, very few businesses are currently able to predict how many full-time employees they will need in one or two years' time.

There's now a new term in the workspace vocabulary: 'space as a service'. This allows you to acquire your ideal office space and pay for all your ancillary services such as utilities, insurance, maintenance, broadband, telephones, electricity, reception services, communal areas, kitchens, and catering. You could also be helping to protect the environment as property owners meet more stringent standards of energy efficiency and recycling, for example.

Find out about the Bucks Biz model!

We understand the need for flexible space. We know that when you are looking for the ideal base for your new or growing business it's difficult to say exactly how much space you'll need.

Our flexible spaces make it easy to adapt to meet your changing requirements for office, production, and storage areas. More importantly you can choose a flexible space with confidence because it comes with equally flexible terms. It's even easy to implement a 'change of use' if your business suddenly heads in a new direction, because Bucks Biz has a range of unit types available.

If you are interested in a flexible workspace solution then we will be very pleased to show you all or any of our three thriving business centres in Milton Keynes. There's a very good chance you will find exactly what you're looking for and you'll have plenty of scope for the future.

Find out more about your flexible workspace options; get in touch today.