We read a really interesting article from
a leading firm of accountants in Milton Keynes and thought you may be interested in their views. So the question is, should we all continue working from home, get back into the office, or many find a way to do both ...

A lot of businesses told their employees to work from home during the pandemic, and you could imagine that caused a lot of confusion initially. Over time, computers and security were improved, procedures implemented, staff reassigned to new roles, and we all learned how to make it work for our businesses.

As we're now unlocking, a lot of employers are wondering what to do next?

Financial Directors have realised that there isn't actually a need for huge, prestigious offices for their teams so they could really save a lot of money on their premises, which as we all know, is the second biggest outgoing behind staff costs.

So smaller offices that staff can rotate in and out off, co-working spaces and hot desks really have become very popular in the latter part of 2021 and we can't see this changing anytime soon.

It's a simple solution. Using less office space saves money and is far more environmentally friendly to boot. There will be an accelerated demand for smaller headquarters and some form of hybrid working will become the norm for many.

Giving your teams a combination of office days and home-working is a great way to motivate them and having smaller offices such as those you'd find at one of Bucks Biz's three centres across Milton Keynes will save everyone a lot of time and money.

Whatever the size of your business, however you want to arrange your team's office time and home working time, we have a selection of office sizes you can license from us on very flexible terms. We also have a fabulous group of existing clients who all support each other and we're adding many new future-looking, growing businesses all the time.

We'd love to welcome you to the Bucks Biz community.