Many people are struggling to know what to say on social media at the moment. This is literally the strangest time in most people's working history (or lives) with an entire economy in lock down. Is now the time to sit quiet on social media? Probably not because your potential audience are likely to be online more. However you absolutely need to have a good think about what you want to say right now. 

We wrote about this subject in a blog post last month, but as the lockdown situation is becoming more 'normal', we've got some more help and advice to see you through:

Don't be all doom and gloom!

There's enough of that right now; what people want to hear is positivity and to understand the creative ways you're trying to keep your business going. If you are changing your products or service delivery to overcome the Coronavirus challenge, tell your customers and social media followers about it. Make it easy for them to do business with you in a way that they can. For example, can they obtain home deliveries, a virtual service or a gift card from you?  Understand that they might not have as much disposable income as usual, but it's OK to be a bit vulnerable and ask people to consider a small business if it means you can keep your business going. But do all of this in a positive and upbeat way!

Focus on engaging with your audience, not trying to sell to them!

People may not be able to buy anything if they're concerned about money, or your product/service might not be something they CAN buy right now because of the lockdown restrictions. However, you can get people READY to buy from you when things change - and when they are ready.  Two brands that are doing this brilliantly on social media are River Island and Skinny Tan. River Island (unlike some fashion brands) have closed their stores and distribution centres. However, their fashion-loving followers are still treated to videos and content to keep them inspired to purchase when they can. There is more of a focus on lounge-wear right now (unsurprisingly) but their followers will have their fashion-fix and a whole bunch of loyalty to a brand that has kept it's workers safe.

Skinny Tan was originally a small business who featured on Dragons' Den in 2013 and they are killing it on social right now. It's unlikely that many people will continue their self-tan routines to the same extent as normal. However, Skinny Tan put up a 'Day in Isolation' video where a woman woke up, applied her tan, consumed unneccesary 3pm snack, played Uno alone and had a 'date night' - also alone. They have really got the tone right given the circumstances and showed their customers that they understand what they are going through. No call to buy anything, just pure entertainment aimed at keeping their customer-base loyal.

Believe it'll work out!

We are all going to have bad days right now and that's completely understandable. However, make sure you plan and manage your social media content and videos on your good days. If you feel despondent and lack motivation because "who knows how long this will go on for" then that energy will come across in your social media and that's not what your customers and followers need right now. 

And as ever with social media, do not forget that it's a two-way conversation. Use this time to focus on your followers, get to know them and understand them and engage with their posts.

For all Bucks Biz customers, I'm offering a FREE 30 minute call to help any business who is struggling with their social media right now. Owing to my availability and childcare issues, these calls will take place on Saturday 11th April - contact me on to arrange a time.