There has never been a time like this! Not only is there intense uncertainty around how businesses will survive, there is also the emotional aspect to consider.

Many businesses are concerned about what the options are for them. Everybody wants to make sure they can survive financially - and that means keeping enough money coming in to their business to pay for all your outgoings - salaries, operating expenses and office rent.

But, there are a few things you can do during these highly unusual times to keep your business in good shape for the future. Here's four things you can consider doing today:

Review all of your social media.

Use this time while the world adjusts to the new reality to make sure that the TONE of your message is right. Switch off any scheduled posts that won't add any value to your audience. Think really carefully about what you're putting out. And if you haven't got anything to say - maybe keep quiet for now.

Think about your customer.

I always say this, but NEVER has it been as important as it is now. Just because you think you need to SELL, is the time right for them to buy? This is the most unusual situation; unlike a normal recession, the whole world is concerned about finance and it will have a huge impact on all businesses. Given that situation - why would you spend time and money reaching out to customers who aren't going to buy. Use this time to do something else instead!

Add value to your customer.

They're not ready to buy from you right now. So, help them out. Give them the benefit of your experience. Help them keep their business afloat - we cannot have everybody going under. Help them now and hope that the favour will be repaid once the world (and the economy) returns to normal!


You don't have to rush out with an incredible, Coronavirus inspired marketing campaign. It might come across as crass. Instead, wait, watch, and listen to what your customers are saying (especially online). By thinking about what your customers need right now - it's value and support - you'll understand what their needs are so that they're ready to buy your product or service at the right time for them.

How are you marketing your business right now? If you've got a question, please comment below or let us know -