Here we are LOCKDOWN 3.0 s now more important than ever that we support small businesses and restaurants so we can go back to our favourite Italian restaurant and Starship in Milton Keynes might be the solution!
Since 2018 many of us in Milton Keynes have seen these autonomous robots scooting around, waiting to cross the road and delivering food orders securely and without the need of human interaction, and they are now expanding! Below are the many benefits of ordering your food using Starship!
1. You can choose an exact time that works for you so it's super convenient
2. You can track exactly where your bot is and how far away it is rather than relying on an estimated time frame
3. Only you can unlock your bot with your phone so your order is completely secure
4. No human interaction required (need we really say more?)
5. It not only saves on energy but also on cost too so there really is nothing to lose!
6. It runs on electrics so it is clean and green!
So to ensure your favourite restaurant and local Indian or Chinese is open when we can all eat out again be sure you order takeaway from them so they can survive and we can pop the champagne soon
If you are a business that is interested in using or working with Starship we recommend you contact them via their website -