Choosing the right office can impact your business success. Your business space says a lot about you to your customers. With our dedicated team, we are here to make sure your new office space makes the most of your business. Here are 5 need to know tips when choosing an office space.

Lately, we have been talking a lot about the businesses that use our spaces as well as the business centre industry itself but what about us? What about how we are different? Why should you come to Bucks Biz for your business spaces? Providing simple, hassle-free renting, we pride ourselves on building a community in which business owners support one another. So far we have over 350 business owners at Bucks Biz. We even have a Bucks Biz Community Group on Facebook to spread news and support each other's socials. This is why we call ourselves The Home of Business in Milton Keynes!

It's no secret that coffee is drunk by the majority of the workforce to get them through the day, the main benefit being that it improves mental performance and alertness. However, this alertness only lasts for around 2.5hrs after which there is the inevitable slump, leading to questions such as "how does coffee actually impact upon our productivity?" and "when is the best time to have a cup of coffee?".

It's no secret that video calls have become a staple part of life in the last year. Video calls have seen companies and software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams soar as more of us work from home than ever before! However, this is resulted in a lot of us feeling fatigued after a day full of video meetings, leaving us feeling unproductive and drained.