Let's take a closer look at the Government's Covid-19 secure workplace guide!

With the government starting to introduce workplace testing in some offices, let's take a look at and break down the Covid 19 workplace guide regarding Offices and Contact Centres. At Bucks Biz, we aim to do everything we can to make sure your business can stay open during this challenging period including round the clock cleaning, one-way arrows and Private office access.


Businesses with more than 50 employees are expected to not only carry out Covid-19 Risk Assessment (as should every business) but should also publish the assessment. Businesses with fewer than 50 employees do not have to publish their Risk Assessment if they don't wish to.


Workplaces should be cleaned as frequently as possible, particularly in high traffic areas and regularly touched surfaces. Workplaces should also provide ample sanitising stations and wash facilities. You can download a notice display from the government's website that can be found here.


Where possible you should ensure that the 2meter distance is kept at all times. If this means a team member every other desk or two on alternative days then this should be prioritised to limit the spread. We are more than happy for you to rearrange your office space if this is needed.

Where a 2m distance cannot be kept then extra measures should be put in place to limit transference of the virus. This includes PPE which is worn by all our clients in the industries such as physiotherapy such as PC Physio. If the risk assessment indicates that PPE is required for a business to remain open then this has to be provided free of charge to workers who need it and be properly fitted.

Here's how we are ensuring our spaces are Covid secure so that you can stay open for business:

  • Private access to your own space with security measures in place
  • Regulated kitchen breaks
  • Round the clock cleaning
  • Arrows and signage for one way systems
  • Complete private office areas with access to private kitchen and bathroom
  • Virtual office viewings if requested

Call or email us to book a viewing and learn more about how we are making sure Covid doesn't impact business more than it has.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for general information only. Official guidance from the UK Government on working safely during Covid-19 can be found here