Fun Fact: 9% of all rentals in the Milton Keynes area are from serviced operators like us, here at Bucks Biz.  But how do you know if Serviced Office Rental is for you?  Read on for our quick guide:

Serviced office and workshop space to rent, such as the offices to rent Milton Keynes provided here at Bucks Biz is simply office, workshop or storage space, located in a building managed by an operator. Operators will rent out anything from single serviced offices to entire floors or even buildings to their clients, giving them access to ready-to-use office or warehouse space on flexible terms.


Serviced/Managed offices or Business Centres are becoming more and more popular in today's economy, where businesses of all sizes seek to limit the hidden costs of renting or owning office space, such as maintenance, furnishing, administration etc.

So how do you know if a serviced workshop space to rent is the right option for your business?

A serviced office or workshop space, as provided by Bucks Biz, is ideal for you if you need:

1.  Flexible, low Cost Lease Terms

Bucks Biz offer rental periods from as little as one month. In addition, renters can swap units easily if they need to upside or downsize at any time too, which is ideal for businesses that need to remain agile and respond to market demand quickly.

2.  Administrative Support As Required

All renters of our offices to rent Milton Keynes benefit from fully-staffed reception desks, kitchens and lunch areas, meeting rooms and networking areas, all kept clean and maintained to high standards.  In addition, there are likely to be complimentary businesses on site, ready to help you with anything from printing to accounting and even a massage to fix your dodgy knee!

3.  Great Business Locations (with lots of free parking!)

Easy to find, premium office space, with an abundance of free parking is expensive to rent in the Milton Keynes area.  If you need offices that your customers can visit without having to drive around searching for a place to park - our commercial property for rent is the ideal solution!

4.  Private Meeting Rooms

Paying for meeting room space, which will be used once a day, or even less, is not cost efficient.  Here at Bucks Biz, we have fully kitted-out meeting rooms of various sizes that you can rent on a completely ad-hoc bassi, meaning you only pay for the space you actually use!

5.  No Building Maintenance Hassle

When you are busy building your business, the last thing you want to be worrying about is building maintenance!  At Bucks Biz, we'll take care of all that for you - so you can concentrate on what matters to your business!

Have we got your interest?  If you would like to find out more about how serviced office rental could be the best decision you made for your business, just click the button below.