It is so important to read around your industry topic including basic business principles as well as know who you and your brand are. Here is the first of our picks covering as broad a topic as business in general, to changing the way you think like an entrepreneur, to how to physically set up a business and keeping customers.

Our First Edition to Bucks Biz Book Club is.... 

  1. Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game by Walker Deibel

What if you could skip the start-up phase and generate profitable revenue on day one? Walker Deibel shows you how to begin with a sustainable, profitable company and grow from there. Buy Then Build is your guide to outsmart the start-up game, live the entrepreneurial lifestyle, and reap the financial rewards of ownership now. You’ll learn how to become a successful acquisition entrepreneur, find brokers, buy an existing company rather than starting from scratch and many more skills!

We included this book on our list to educate our readers that there are other sources of income when it comes to running a business. While a lot of the examples are from the US, the wider insights and terminology can be applied regardless of industry. Deibel also uses specific examples of successful acquisitions rather than hypothetical scenarios.

How great would be post lock-down to gather the Bucks Biz community of readers for a live book club chat! Something to look forward to potentially! If you're looking to join the Bucks Biz community get a quick quote here