In a recent article published on the Financial Times website, London's commercial property developers have announced they're going to start offering flexible leases on their office spaces ...

It seems that with the end of the COVID-19 restrictions, commercial property developers are expecting a return to the office by workers, but they are unsure of how many will come back. This means that they are forced to offer flexible leases on commercial properties, as well as giving their clients the opportunity to scale up and down the size of the offices they need.

The Bucks Biz model has always been to offer flexible leases on commercial properties and during the pandemic, we did indeed scale a few of our clients into smaller premises. They're so happy we did that for them, and now a number of them are moving back into larger offices.

But many of our clients see hybrid working as the best approach, offering staff the opportunity to work from home a number of days a week, and be in the office for the other part. This has necessitated smaller premises and a hot-desking environment for their teams.

Many of our clients have said that choosing to relocate to Bucks Biz was a great idea!

So, if you're thinking of moving offices and are looking for a great location with flexible leasing, easy monthly payments and a range of fantastic 'as you need them' backup services, then consider one of our three Milton Keynes locations and see the difference Bucks Biz can make.