We've all noticed that rush hour traffic levels are back up again, but nowhere near as much as they were before the pandemic hit. According to reports, at least 25% of the UK workforce are still remote working from home ...

And this looks likely to remain for the foreseeable future. Apart from commercial property developers reducing prices and offering more flexible leases (as Bucks Biz has been doing for years!) they're seeing many companies moving into smaller offices as well as a lot of office space going unused.

In fact, there are reports that corporates are desperately trying to sublet office space as their own 'in office' attendance plummets, so anyone who chooses to set up in Canary Wharf may end up in the office building of a bank or other international entity.

But back in the real world here in sunny Milton Keynes, we're talking to more larger companies who need smaller offices now their workforce is on hybrid working and, of course, they're looking to the future in case we get more lockdowns (we probably won't, but you have to do the risk analysis these days).

We're glad that they contacted us. With flexible leases and a range of office space and industrial units across three different locations, and a range of additional ad-hoc services when needed, Bucks Biz really is the place to be!