Now that the pandemic restrictions have mostly ended, the United Kingdom is getting back to business. Many self-employed people and micro-business owners are fed up with working from home and are looking to rent office space or small industrial units ...

But choosing the right location can really impact your future success. The Bucks Biz dedicated team is here to help you get the right office or unit for your exact needs, but before you call us, how about five things to consider when looking for an office?

Define your requirements

List everything your office or unit is going to need. Open plan? Partitioned? Which of your team need to work closely? What sort of broadband will you need or could a shared service suffice? Is there room for all the equipment you need right now? How about in the future?

Remember, things can change at a moments notice

No one expected the speed the pandemic ran through the country or the government's draconian response. Having a flexible lease is hugely important now, so an office or unit with an understanding landlord like Bucks Biz is paramount.

Always do your research

Check out a number of places before you sign on the dotted line. Go visit them, look at the culture, sit in the coffee shop and feel the vibe. Check reviews of the locations and even get feedback from other leaseholders.

Decide how you want to work

There are many different types of leases right now. Do you just need hot-desking from time to time? Co-working options, serviced or managed offices, or even a traditional, long-term lease? Make sure your chosen location can offer what you need before you make your final decision.

Go where your customers are

Location is all-important in this day and age. Office costs are usually the second biggest business expense (after staff costs), so the location you choose will have a big influence on your cash flow. Be close to your customers, make sure your location is highly accessible and filled with your peers to offer you the support you need.

Bucks Biz has three different locations around Milton Keynes. These are at the Denbigh Business Park, Bletchley Business Campus and at the Interchange Business Centre in Newport Pagnell. Whether you need an office or an industrial unit, the dedicated team at Bucks Biz is here to help you.