Have you met Indygo Chiropractic yet?  Indy Ghir is the Principal Chiropractor and Director at Indygo Chiropractic, and along with his wife Gurjit, is looking forward to helping support Bucks Biz residents with Chiropractic care.Indy has been in Chiropractic practice since 2009, having qualified in South Wales at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC). He has seen thousands of chiropractic cases and has been successful in getting people back to good health. Indy tells us he is really excited to be back in Milton Keynes in his Home town.


Indy has integrated other skills which he uses with his chiropractic care to help facilitate improved function to aid the body to heal and move well:

  • Western Medical Acupuncture: releasing & relaxing stubborn muscles and reducing stress.

  • Photobiomodulation Therapy: light based therapy to aid tissue healing post injury / post operative scars.

  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation Technique: releasing fascial & muscle tension, great for Gym and sports populations.

  • Dry Cupping Myofascial Release Technique: great for removing stagnation in muscles and mobilising muscle improving joint motion.

  • Deep Tissue Sports Massage: to support chiropractic adjustments; this is specific massage which does not require long periods of massage.

  • Rock Tape Application: helps healing, supporting injuries during rehabilitation phase, helps with posture.

  • Activator Methods: a gentle chiropractic approach for those who do not like adjustments, great for joints, nerves and ligament function, great for the elderly, younger population and pregnancy population.

  • Indy uses Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Specific Functional Movement Screening (SFMS) for the sports specific population (diagnosing faulty movement and then correcting movement through functional exercise) to help assist those who wish to improve movement in their desired sport.

  • Indy has qualifications in level 1 and 2 personal training so he understands healing and exercise to prevent future episodes of injury / pain.

Indy is a family man who enjoys time with his wife and two beautiful girls. He gives time where possible to voluntary work (challenging currently with two young energetic girls!). 

Indy told us his interests are sports, martial arts; in the past involved in karate, kickboxing, weight training, currently he likes to keep fit and plays golf. He played football for a short while at district level in his teens. He enjoys personal training and is interested in nutrition to keep healthy.

Indy loves the outdoors and going for walks. He likes to read and is actively involved in self-development in and outside of chiropractic, helping to improve himself in all aspects of his life. He loves to help and support those who choose chiropractic care. He is passionate about chiropractic care and how powerful it can be to help facilitate in the body’s healing ability and optimising body function.

Indy would like everyone to feel free to pop in to his office in rooms 221-223 and say hello.  You can find Indygo Chiropractic located on the first floor of the iCentre.  Take the stairs at the right of the Sports Bar, turn left, keep straight and pass 2 sets of doors and you will see it on the right hand side. 

To find our more about how Chiropractic care could help you, visit Indy's website HERE