“Offering support and value to your clients is the key to long term success.”  Wise words indeed from Klood, a digital marketing agency based at the iCentre.  A week prior to the lockdown, Klood decided to be pro-active and moved their operations so the team were setup and ready to work from home. Then swiftly turned their attention to ways that they could continue to build supportive relationships for their clients, to help them through this difficult time.


Managing Director, Trevor Nicholls said: “It was pretty simple to get our team of ten set up to work from home and we are very fortunate that we can continue to do provide our clients with digital marketing services without too much disruption. However, we have had to adapt – we had planned lots of our client’s content three months ahead of time, so we’ve had to review their campaigns to make sure that they remain relevant and appropriate given the change of circumstances.”


Trevor’s view is that marketing and providing value to your clients is more important now than ever before.


“Don’t hide and put more time and extra effort into your marketing – the chances are that your target market is online more than before and this is a great opportunity to get in touch with them, build relationships and show that you’re a genuine partner – that you’re in it together during the good times and the bad.”


Instead of trying to sell when your audience isn’t in a position to buy, the team at Klood have pulled together a range of resources to help their clients, which will help any business looking to support their clients in a practical way. Plus, it focuses on how to plan for when the world returns to normal (whatever that looks like).


If you want to build relationships with your clients and get your business ready to bounce back, take a look at Klood’s Sales & Marketing checklist https://www.klood.com/blog/saas-sales-and-marketing-checklist-1


Another way Klood continues to add value is through their regular events, the MK Hubspot User Group. If you’re interested in finding out more about inbound marketing and inside sales, then you’ll want to join the first virtual MK HUG on Wednesday 3 June at 3.30pm. You can book your place here:  https://www.klood.com/blog/registration-open-for-mkhug


The transition to the new world hasn’t been without issue for the Klood team. Many Bucks Biz residents were successful in applying for the Small Business Grant Fund, with the support of the Bucks Biz team. Unfortunately, due to the rateable value of their unit, Klood missed qualifying for the grant by an incredibly small amount.


With the support of the Bucks Biz team to prove that they should qualify (and providing endless documents),  Klood was successful in applying via the Discretionary Fund, which will be invaluable in allowing them to continue to support more businesses to survive with effective marketing strategies.


To find out more about Klood, visit www.klood.com