Are you looking to hire new staff?  Do you find the interviewing process daunting?  Don't worry, we've got your back, with 5 of the best interview questions to find the right employee for you.

1. Why should we hire you?

This question may sound obvious, but it can tell you a lot about the person sitting in front of you, giving them a chance to define what sets them apart from other candidates you are interviewing. Their level of articulation, and enthusiasm, is also a good indicator of how well they will stay true to their word, should you then go on to hire them.

2. Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it.

Candidates often find this one rather tricky to answer, and may need a minute to recall a particularly difficult situation they have experienced at work. However, if they have had time to prepare for the interview they are likely to have given some thought as to how they could address this kind of question and should therefore be able to provide an example. These types of leading questions are a great way of identifying how the candidate would react in certain situations and which circumstances they find most stressful. Their response will help you identify how well they will fit into the company, and the role.

Businesswoman giving job interview

3. What motivates you?

Getting to know what makes someone tick is a good way to see if the job they are applying for will keep them stimulated. If a candidate lists things that aren’t even on the job description then they are probably applying for the wrong reasons, or haven’t read it properly. It is more beneficial to hire someone whose motivations complement those of the company too.

4. What frustrates you?

While some interviewers ask candidates to name a weakness, asking what frustrates them can be far more insightful. From this, you can learn whether they are self-critical, self-aware, negative toward others, or have issues with authority. Good candidates will expand their response to include how they deal with their frustrations.

5. From everything you’ve learned about this position, the company and myself, tell me how you feel you could make a contribution.

An ideal finisher – this request helps to separate candidates apart by revealing how much research they’ve done and how comprehensively they understand what it is they are applying for. People worth considering will love this opportunity to really shine and their enthusiasm and sincerity will be visible. It also demonstrates the candidate’s sense of self-worth and confidence in being able to bring something to the company.

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