A brilliant example of how one Bucks Biz resident has changed their approach to support their clients is Malcolm Sackman of TEN Accountants. With a busy accountancy practice providing accountancy services for owner-managed businesses and SMEs across north London and Buckinghamshire, Malcolm knew he needed to do something different to help his clients survive during both the Covid-19 pandemic and the slow down of the economy that’s looking likely as a result.


TEN Accountants has great client relationships, but Malcolm is keen that they benefit from his expertise to help keep their businesses going when things get tough. They’re due to publish the TEN Accountants ebook “57 ways to improve your business” which will be ready to download in July. The book covers:

  • Understanding what’s important to you
  • Planning
  • Performance
  • Marketing


Malcolm said: “People need to think about their businesses in different ways as the world changes. We want our customers and Bucks Biz residents to be able to gain from our experiences and implement our recommendations in to their business.”


You can find out more about the ebook on this You Tube clip.  

In addition, Malcolm and his team would like ti invite you to join his Facebook Group: Coronavirus Impact Support Group for Small Business & Self Employed which is a safe space for business owners to talk about the challenges their business is facing. Malcolm is using this group to help his clients to understand questions about the grants plus a range of other queries that are impacting people’s businesses right now.


If you’re a member of Bucks Biz you can join the TEN Accountants Coronavirus Impact Support Group for Small Business & Self Employed Facebook Group.


Talking about his new approach to marketing, Malcolm adds: “Many accountancy firms are purely transactional. You pay a fee and they do your book keeping, tax returns and file your company returns. TEN Accountants is different – we want to build a long term relationship and to support you in building your business and growing your wealth. We want to help you identify opportunities to protect your business and grow.”


Please feel free to join the Coronavirus Impact Support Group for Small Business & Self Employed Facebook Group and contact Malcolm on malcolm@tenaccountants.co.uk if you’ve got any questions at this time.


TEN Accountants has rented their serviced office in Milton Keynes since 2006 and has been a loyal Bucks Biz customer throughout that time.