Another Bucks Biz member who has been incredibly inventive is Amanda Mammadova from Rebellion Fitness. If you’ve ever had a PT session with Amanda or joined in one of her group programmes, you’ll know that Amanda won’t let something like a global pandemic stop her from bringing fitness to the people of Milton Keynes.  We spoke to Amanda to confirm everything that the Rebellion Fitness team can provide for us during the closure of her business.

Amanda, what’s available for people now?

We’ve moved everything online. We are offering live classes, small group training and 121s via Zoom. We always did quite small classes anyway, so to go online means we can continue to offer a really good service to our clients, from the comfort of their own home.

Have you made any changes to your offer to suit people’s change of circumstances?

Yes, a few people have paused their memberships, presumably because they need to juggle work and home schooling children. I fully understand and I’ll be looking forward to welcoming them back when things return to normal. We’ve opened up the classes so that people can join in live when it suits them – either morning or evening. We have cut the classes to 30 minutes each (from 45 minutes). I felt that 30 minutes might be more achievable for people from home, however whereas their package allowed them 3 classes a week, they can now join in any class at any time. So, you could do 30 minutes every day, morning AND evening. If you wanted to!

Well, I guess people might if they haven’t been social distancing from the fridge!

This is a really good time to maintain your exercise because we are probably all a little guilty of eating more than we should, just to break up the day! Exercising is obviously really good for your mental health as well and I’m enjoying people joining my classes with their children.

What changes do you think this pandemic will bring about for the fitness industry?

I’m hoping that more people will see the benefits and not use ‘I’m too busy with the kids’ as an excuse. Joe Wick’s online classes are incredibly popular, so I’m hoping that more people will bring their children in to our sessions when we’re open as normal again.  People might realise doing Joe’s classes that they need to work on their fitness, so will hopefully look to join in a local gym and fitness classes when life returns to normal!

You are quite a fan of allowing children to join in your classes. How does that work?

As I’ve said, my clients are exercising and their kids are joining in with smaller weights. Just a few days before the lockdown, we received our new play centre, a brilliant den for the kids to play in with toys while their parents exercise just a few meters away.

If you’d like to find out more about the classes that Rebellion Fitness are offering, please visit the website or head over to the Facebook page.