We had the pleasure of speaking to Amanda Mammadova from Rebellion Fitness. Amanda is an innovative fitness instructor with a strong desire to help her clients achieve their fitness goals ...

In her own words, Rebellion Fitness is about, "Helping Milton Keynes & Newport Pagnell men and women slay the fat, feel strong like a superhero and look awesome naked!". Worthy goals indeed!

Amanda was working in another local gym, but didn't like that it was mostly machine-based. She felt that getting fit was more about an entire process than just running on a treadmill for hours on end and wanted to ensure her clients got the most value from what she offered.

And you can expect a lot from Amanda and her team at Rebellion Fitness. Originally starting with just unit 63 at Centre, she has grown the gym to include other nearby units, each time asking Dominic and the team to knock through and decorate as she grows.

She loves the flexibility and helpfulness she gets from the Bucks Biz team!

With hammers and tyres and ropes to get every muscle working for you and group classes as well, Amanda can take even the most unfit member and help them achieve their fitness goals. If you're bored with treadmills and cross trainer machines then you really need to speak to Amanda.

She is looking for more members right now and she also wants to hire more fitness trainers to grow a real community around Rebellion Fitness.

In fact, she'd love more Bucks Biz members to join Rebellion so is offering a 10% discount on membership if your business is located at iCentre too!

No rushing, chill out, have a coffee, do a class, get some circuits under your belt. Find out more about Amanda and Rebellion Fitness at her website and maybe drop in sometime and see what it's all about.