Gym-boss Amanda Mammadova has expanded Newport Pagnell based Rebellion Fitness for the second time in 12 months and now offers memberships to people who want an all over workout and the chance to push things, pull things, slam, throw, punch and lift! Due to the changing needs of her clients, Amanda has adapted her serviced unit for rent in Milton Keynes so that she has a single studio, separated by an archway, so she’s able to run training classes whilst her members have their own workout in a different part of the studio.


And it gets better – Amanda has recently introduced a ‘kids corner’ so that parents can have a work out and know that their kids are safe and entertained at the same time.


Amanda said: “Some of my clients wanted the opportunity to train by themselves – they don’t always need a PT session so having a single unit with an archway to provide a little separation was the perfect opportunity for us to grow Rebellion Fitness. Plus, Rebellion Fitness is available 24/7 so you can come and do your workout at any time of the day or night. I want Rebellion Fitness to have a community feel so people can come in and use the equipment any time they need a break, especially as people are spending so much time at home.”


What’s on offer at Rebellion Fitness?

With a wide range of kit, including a floor to ceiling climbing rope, squat rack, punch bags and sledgehammers, there's something for everyone depending on their goals.  But if you wanted a more gentle workout, there’s a Water Bike which is quite relaxing and also suitable for people with limited mobility or who use a wheelchair. Rebellion Fitness will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can come and do your work out at any time that suits you.


Amanda adds: “I’m passionate about people having a safe space, not just to come and train, but somewhere they can come to get some time if they need it. I’ve got some posters to help people if they’re not feeling ok, with numbers on for mental health charities if people are struggling. Plus, I’m creating a ‘Wall of Awesomeness’ which is a place to show the amazing achievements of Rebellion Fitness members and our friends.”


This is a brilliant example of the flexibility that a workshop unit for rent in Milton Keynes offers for growing businesses, as you can change your unit as your business grows or changes direction.  Plus, there’s always the opportunity to change the configuration to meet your business needs, as Amanda has done here. However, we did have to keep an archway between the units so that the ceiling didn’t fall down!


Amanda is offering discounted memberships for all Bucks Biz residents. The first people to request a monthly membership will only pay £25 per month plus all Bucks Biz residents who join will receive a 15% discount off the usual monthly fee, which is usually £35 per month. 

To join, contact Amanda via, Facebook, email or call her on 07718 247471.