Fitness guru Amanda Mammadova of Rebellion Fitness was the star of My5 show ‘It’s your fault I’m fat.’ The show features two family members – one of who feels that the other is responsible for them being overweight. The show provides a team of experts to give the family the tools they need to overcome their weight and fitness issues, including nutrition advice, exercise plans and therapy to overcome the mental health issues around their excess weight.

Last night’s show (14 April 2020) was the first of the new series and saw Rebellion Fitness owner Amanda take the family to task and helped them to lose over three stone between them in just six weeks. Amanda had twice weekly sessions with Stuart and his mum Brigitte, which included cardio and strength training to help them both shed the excess weight they were carrying.

Amanda said: “Stuart and his mum both gave full commitment to the exercise plan that I put together for them and Stuart in particular enjoyed taking his frustration out on my punchbag, who we named Bob.  My gym was chosen because we had lots of space within our industrial unit which meant we could offer the complete range of exercises that Stuart and Brigitte needed for their workout. There was also lots of space for the camera equipment and the crew so that they could shoot footage for the show.”

On the show, Stuart and Brigitte attended a number of locations across Milton Keynes to access various fitness programmes, but much of the filming was taken at Bucks Biz industrial units to rent in Milton Keynes.  On a number of occasions, you can see the duo walking to their fitness classes at Rebellion Fitness and the Bucks Biz branding clearly visible.

With Amanda’s help, Stuart lost over 2 stone and Brigitte lost a stone. Both have continued to keep their weight loss down and Stuart has gone on to lose a further 7 lbs once the filming finished.

Amanda is now offering online fitness classes at Rebellion Fitness – you can find out more about this here. If you wanted to watch It’s Your Fault I’m Fat and see Amanda’s TV debut – you can find more information here.