There were many businesses started during the lockdowns of the last couple of years. Individuals turned hobbies into side hustles then into full-blown income streams from a spare room office or kitchen table ...

We now have lots of business owners who now want to leap into their first office, but are quite unsure of where to start, and don't want to spend too much or commit for too long to those four walls. Of course, we'd recommend one of our serviced offices!

There are many myths people hear about serviced offices, and the first one is that you can't personalise your office, which, with Bucks Biz, is completely untrue. Every one of our clients is able to decorate their offices or industrial units the exact way they need.

From painting and decorating to moving plugs or adding lighting (with our help), if a business needs a change then we're happy to help them make it. All we ask is when it's time to move on, they return the office or unit back to its original condition where possible.

Other untrue myths around the size of your office and the community spirit of your serviced office location put many small business owners off. Contrary to this belief we encourage all of our clients to socialise with each other and to network. Who better to help you than someone down the corridor? How easy would that be?

And we have so many clients collaborating between themselves; there have even been times when long term business relationships have started over coffee in one of our cafes and turned out to be very lucrative!

A lot of people think serviced offices come with many hidden costs, but that's also not true at Bucks Biz!

We're proud that we have a simple pricing structure and we have no hidden extras. Our license agreements are open and transparent and include things like business rates, a fixed service charge and building insurance. All you need to do is pay for your phone, internet and electricity and our rates for all three are far lower than if you worked directly with a supplier like BT.

And finally, a lot of people think that with a serviced office, you'll end up paying for a lot of things you'll never need. Well, we don't think like that. You'll get a consolidated bill at the end of each month. If you used any of our services such as a meeting room or asked us to do postage for you then they'll be included, if you, but if you don't use them, they'll never be on the bill.

When you think of serviced offices in Milton Keynes, think of Bucks Biz!

Offices of any size, with or without phone and internet, on-site gyms, health & beauty services, cafes, reception and postal services. Whatever you need in your serviced office agreement, we can help you.

Bucks Biz is the place to be.