Paul Collins, from PC Physiotherapy Acupuncture Sports Therapy Clinic has been very creative with his business since the government imposed a lockdown on 23rd March due to the Coronavirus situation. With Paul's business running from our Newport Pagnell site of Bucks Biz, the restrictions mean that Paul and his team are unable to deliver any hands on therapy unless in emergency to take the workload off of NHS services. So, the way to keep people safe and healthy during this lockdown is to offer a number of virtual services:

  • Personal Training available online
  • FREE Boot Camps for groups (FREE sessions run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 6pm)
  • Virtual appointments are now available for clients, which includes 1 to 1 video consultations
  • Pilates sessions
  • Nutrition advice

Paul said: “The uptake from our clients has been very positive. There’s a general understanding that people cannot receive hands on treatment at the moment, except in the case of emergencies.  By everybody going online for physio, it’s taking the pressure off the NHS, which is an absolute priority at the moment!”

How can you access Physiotherapy services if you need them?

Take a look at our PC Physio Online Hub to access Telehealth and our Online sessions.  Just select the service you would like to book and you can make an appointment.

How can people book on to the FREE bootcamps?

Again, head over to the PC Physio Online Hub and select Group sessions. You can book on there.  We've got a screen shot to help you if you're having trouble (see below). These FREE bootcamp sessions will run from 6pm every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening.

Why have you chosen to go down the online route?

Paul said: “We have a loyal customer base and we want to continue to deliver the best service we can in the circumstances. Although there is obviously a healthcare crisis, there are a number of people who will benefit from continuing to receive treatment for their conditions, so by having sessions with their physio and doing exercises, we can make sure people continue to make a recovery.”

“Lifestyles are also changing at the moment. People are working from home more, which means they’re perhaps not maintaining a good posture, or working on their sofa or bed, all of which will impact their neck and back, which could cause problems. 

People can’t access their normal fitness classes, so offering bootcamps and Pilates classes means people can continue to build their core strength. Also, we are in much closer proximity to the fridge, so a focus on nutrition now might come in quite handy!”

To book online for PC Physio Online services visit

Paul Collins screen capture