We had a fabulous conversation with Darren Leppard from Twenty2 Recruitment recently. Based at our Barton Road Business Centre in the south of Milton Keynes, Darren and his manager Kim have over 50 years of recruitment experience between them ...

They moved into one of our offices in February 2022. Darren said, "Although I live in Milton Keynes, I was working in Leicester having to travel to the office every day and it was taking its toll on me. I was looking around for something more local and, as Kim and I have been friends for years and work in the same industry, we decided to start our own business closer to home".

It wasn't the pandemic that caused Darren to start his own business, it was the convenience of not having to travel for a couple of hours each way to work. After incorporating their business, the first thing then did was look for an office and Bucks Biz was the natural choice.

Darren explained, "There were lots of great reasons for choosing Bucks Biz; the Barton Road business centre was close for both of us, the offices are of a high standard and there's always a great level of service from both the reception staff and from Dominic and his team". "What is the one thing that keeps you here?" we asked, to which Darren replied, "Oh, that's easy ... nothing is too much trouble. Whatever we ask for, it gets sorted quickly".

And there's the key to Bucks Biz ... the very high level of service that we offer!

Darren intends to grow Twenty2 Recruitment and started working in the industrial and commercial sectors. The success of their business means they've expanded into warehouse staffing as well as into engineering and IT. "We intend to grow" says Darren, "And we know Bucks Biz will have the perfect office to help us keep pushing forward".

And we're so glad to have Darren, Kim and Twenty2 Recruitment with us at our Barton Road Business Centre. We'll continue to go above and beyond for them and our many other clients at all three of our sites, both now and in the future.