A huge well done to CJ Muscat Properties at our Bletchley Business Campus, who recently hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning and raised a fantastic £530.00 for Macmillan Cancer Support. Every single person who poured a drink, cut a piece of cake, plated up some food or dropped some coins into the donation box has helped change lives.

CJ Muscat Properties are a real estate developer company based at the Bletchley Business Campus (MK2). The offices at MK2 are the most recent in a string of successful Business Centres to be established by Bucks Biz, and Bletchley Business Campus is perfect for any company seeking office space in the Milton Keynes area. Whether you need a storage unit, quality workshop space or a short-term office suite, there are 180 units at the MK2 campus, so there’s lots of choice!

There are so many ways to raise money and awareness for charities within your company and workplace. A Macmillan Coffee Morning is a great way to get your team baking some sweet treats and savoury snacks, but here are some more ways that your business can fundraise for charity:

1. Book sale 

Lots of us have piles of books that we’ve already read. Why not ask your colleagues to bring in a few books that they don’t want anymore and create a book sale on some shelves in your office? Ask them to make a small donation in exchange for a book, and you’ll soon be making lots of dosh! 

2. Bake-a-thon 

One step up from a coffee morning, a bake-a-thon is a head-to-head battle of the bakers! Supply willing subjects with an apron and a recipe, and watch your colleagues as they bake up something delicious. Ask bakers to donate money to take part in the competition (and the winner could get a prize) but then also sell the finished bakes for 50p per slice, too! 

3. Charity car wash 

If your boss’s car is looking like it has seen better days, it may be time to organise a charity car wash! Get a few of your team members together and charge £5 per car. It’s a great way to raise funds and also get to know each other as a team. 

4. Guess the baby photo 

This has been a source of humour in workplaces for years and years but never fails to drum up some interest! Willing participants pay a small fee to bring in a photo of themselves as a baby. Everyone then donates a few coins to try to guess who is who, and the person who gets the most correct is the winner. The winner could be awarded a small prize, and you’ll also raise lots of money! 

We’re proud of CJ Muscat’s fundraising efforts for the Macmillan Coffee Morning, and we’d definitely encourage you to organise some sort of fundraising event in your office, too! 


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