Today is International Dog Day, which got us thinking about the people here at Bucks Biz that bring their pooches in to work.  Do they benefit from doing so, more than just by not having to pay for 'doggy day-care' or risking going home to a chewed carpet?  Read on to see what we found out (and of course, for some cute doggy pics too!)

We all know that having a pet is good for your health (unless you happen to be allergic of course!).  Plenty of studies attest to the stress-busting effects of cuddling up with your pet at the end of a hard day at work, not to mention the exercise, fresh air and companionship that goes with pet ownership.  But, does bringing your pet in to work with you offer more benefits than just convenience?

The Blue Cross says "Researchers in the US looked at 75 staff over a week, comparing stress levels, job satisfaction and feelings about support from, and commitment to, the company. Their findings showed that people who took their dogs to work were less stressed as the day went on compared to those who didn’t.  It also showed that having dogs around can boost morale and that the employees with access to dogs had higher job satisfaction than industry norms."

The Independent reports "The benefits of having pets in the office has even prompted some companies to implement pet-friendly initiatives year-round.  For example, at Amazon’s office in Seattle, Washington, more than 6,000 dog employees show up for work each day alongside their owners.

So who brings their dog with them to work here at Bucks Biz?  We asked around, and found out that these lovely pooches all make appearances every now and then:

Meet Rolo!  He belongs to Kym Salisbury at Everything Beauty and here he is dropping in for a visit.  He must get a regular pampering - he looks very relaxed!


Paula Lee's cutie Foster is known to guard Bletchley reception with her.  I'm not sure he looks too fearsome to be honest, Paula!


Felix is Amanda Holland's office dog, helping her out at Tango Investigations.  Amanda says he thinks he's a cat, although he looks pretty bat-like with those big ears!


I think you'll agree they're a bunch of cuties, but for sheer 'aww' factor, we couldn't leave this guy off the blog!  His name is Milo and his owner Rachel Watts told us he was recovering from a cruciate op and then knee surgery on the same leg when this photo was taken, so I think we can forgive him for looking more than a little bit sleepy!



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