Posting video content on your company’s social media pages and blog page has many benefits. It provides customers with a simple way of absorbing guidance or advice that’s simple and easy to understand. 

What are the key benefits to posting video content?

1. It builds trust 

Video content quickly creates a discussion between you and your customer. You’re showing your personality, putting a face to your brand and building your customers’ confidence that you know what you’re talking about.

2. It’s engaging 

Unlike blog posts, which some customers may not have the time or energy to read, video content is a great way of engaging customers and getting your point across. They can watch it on the go, while eating their lunch or even have your video on in the background while working.

3. Increases time-on-site ratings 

Research shows that you’re 53 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google search results if you have a video embedded in your website? If you post an interesting, useful video on your blog page, a customer will happily sit there and watch it. This means they’ve got your website open for several minutes, therefore improving your engagement and time-on-site analytics on your website. This, in turn, signals to Google that you’ve got good search-engine content which will boost your website in the search rankings. 

4. Smart phone users like video 

A 2017 survey shows that 90% of consumers watch video on their mobile phones. Therefore, posting an engaging video on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, will make them stop scrolling for a few seconds to see if they want to watch. 


There are many businesses in the Bucks Biz centres that use and create videos for marketing and customer engagement. 

PC Physiotherapy, Acupuncture and Sports Injury Clinic kindly shared one of their videos to highlight the type of content they make. Their animation is informative and interesting, highlighting the key elements of the business.



FitBody Milton Keynes also find video useful and engaging. They can demonstrate what it’s like to train and work out at their premises at the Bucks Biz centre. Here’s one of their recent videos.



If you want to see how video can showcase your company’s services in a swift but engaging way, check out Klood Digital’s ‘Show Reel’ video below. 



If you want to produce video content, it’s quick and easy, but there are a few key steps you should take. We’ve created a handy list below, but there is far more in-depth information over on the Rachel Allen Marketing blog page. Her blog post will explain these key steps to ensure you’re making great DIY video content for your business.

1. Good lighting

2. Be clear

3. Don’t rehearse

4. Use landscape mode