The Bounce Back Loan Scheme is now closed, but businesses that accessed these funds before the end of March 2021 have flexible 'Pay as you Grow' repayment options while they get back on their feet.

The options include:

  • extending the length of the loan from six years to 10 years, at the same fixed interest rate of 2.5%
  • making interest-only payments for six months, with the option to use this up to three times throughout the term of the loan
  • requesting one six-month repayment holiday during the term of the loan.

Have you accessed the Bounce Back Loan funding or did your business downsize or close offices and workshops during the pandemic? If you are now ready to head towards the post-coronavirus horizon it's worth considering using your recovery resources to secure the perfect premises before the rush begins.

Your requirements might now be very different, so it's worth exploring what's available at Bucks Biz. You might be surprised!

When the BBC asked 50 of the UK's biggest employers about their plans almost all of them said staff wouldn't be returning to their offices full-time. More than eight out of 10 were anticipating a mix of home and office working.

While this could mean that all types of business need less office space, how business premises are used will need to be carefully thought through. While all the team might not be in the office at the same time, flexible spaces to meet and collaborate will be important.

While 'smart' working and flexibility underpin new hybrid working policies, if everyone decided to come to the office on the same day there would be standing room only. That makes the option to easily book a desk an important consideration.

Many businesses relied on office workers to buy lunches, coffees, or stationery or to visit them during their lunch breaks for exercise, to buy clothes or gifts. They have struggled during the pandemic and some have sadly closed permanently.

Checking out the available local facilities will be an important part of the decision-making process. Having a good mix of food and shopping opportunities will help to make sure your employees feel a trip to the office is something they can enjoy and isn't just a necessity. Even local cleaning companies might have disappeared so the option for a fully serviced office is worth exploring too.

Some businesses will urgently be looking for space when coronavirus restrictions are lifted because they need their team on site. Professional practices that need to supervise trainees every day, consultants, counsellors, and coaches will all be keen to return to a face-to-face environment.

Many high-pressure businesses might also feel that a clear separation between work and home life is important for performance and wellbeing. Creative industries that rely on collaboration might also be quick to return to the workplace to recreate the office 'buzz'.

To have your pick of the best premises for your business it will be important to act quickly!

If you are already preparing your business plans for the post-coronavirus world it's worth finding out more about options for flexible workspaces. Before considering a traditional short- or long-term lease, talk to the Bucks Biz team about flexible workspace solutions with all main services available, including fast connectivity, with fully equipped conference facilities and meeting rooms available when you need them. You can even call on our professional caterers for the finishing touches to your meetings and events.

Talk to us if you're looking for round-the-clock access, free parking, high-speed fibre broadband, servicing, maintenance, and repair services. Our design and build team can even provide special lighting, power, internal walling, partitioning, decorating, and furnishing.